Welcome beautiful Soul!

My name is Sanne and I’m a Channeler.

I communicate with the Spirit World. That sounds a little nuts, you say? Oh yes, I know it does! But as nuts as it sounds, it is real.

I communicate with peoples’ Spirit Guides. Some people call them Guardian Angels. They are Spiritual, invisible beings who accompany us on our journey through life and help us in many different ways.

Our Spirit Guides know us in and out. They know who we are as a Soul, what our Life Purpose is, how we can go about fulfilling it, and how we can obtain more well-being and joy in our life. They also know what challenges we are experiencing in our life and they have very good insights into how we can overcome them. That makes them very efficient Life Coaches.

And while your Guides whisper their Guidance in your ear every single day, you can’t always hear it, because it often gets clouded by your own thoughts and emotions, since you’re very involved in your own life. That’s why it’s so valuable, every once in a while, to go to someone like me who can hear their voices more clearly and more objectively.

Are you curious to find out what your Spirit Guides have to say to you? Or do you have a specific life question you would like to receive Guidance on? Click on the button below to read more about the different Online Personal Channeling Sessions and the Personal Video Messages.

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Is there proof of Spiritual communication?

Ancient cultures all had people in their communities who acted as a bridge to that mysterious, invisible world. For centuries and centuries it was completely normal — until modern science came along. We now want to measure and prove everything in order for it to be legitimate! But tell me, how could we ever prove and measure something immaterial with scientific materialism?

Or could we? When, during a Channeling Session with someone I know nothing about, all of a sudden, out of the blue, I say that this person is supposed to paint, and then they turn out to be a former painter who misses painting so much, and when things like that happen to me over and over, then that’s proof enough for me that I can connect to an invisible source of information and guidance.

I don’t know how it works, but I do know that it does work. So I put my modern-world doubts aside, and I started to use this gift to help people.


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