About Me

Who I am

My name is Sanne. I’m Belgian, from the Flemish part of the country. My mother tongue is Dutch but I’m fluent in English and French. I studied English and French in High School, watched a lot of English television growing up and also lived in France for many years.

As a matter of fact, I’ve lived in Portugal too, on a piece of land in nature, growing my own vegetables and keeping four lovely sheep. I love nature. Circumstances made me come back to Belgium, but who knows where the future will take me?

At the moment I live in a small fairy-like house in a beautiful garden, close to the forest and a big field with cows. The peace and quiet where I am is just perfect to listen to the soft whispers of the Spirit World.

So how did I end up being a professional channeler for the Spirit World? Where did I even get the idea to start this curious profession? Well, it has been a long path. I have always felt and known things about other people. Since this was totally normal for me, I never realized that this was something special, let alone that I could help people with it!

It was only when I had a Session with another Psychic Medium, and she told me that I needed to do something with this gift, that I started to take it seriously.

While this ability to talk to the Spirit World is indeed a gift that I received at birth, it is also an art that one has to learn to master. I’ve spent many years practicing and improving this skill.

Talking to Spirit Guides is magical, surprising, light and playful. My life sure isn’t boring! Also, I’ve learned a lot about life in general, thanks to the insights that the Spirit Guides have shared in Sessions.

Besides talking to the Spirit World, I love to cook, bake and eat delicious, healthy foods. In the future I plan on starting a blog with recipes. I also love spending time in nature, walking or cycling–but I prefer flat landscapes. I don’t like those steep hills!  I love swimming in natural water in the summertime even better! I also bought myself a pair of running shoes to pick up running again after several years. Let’s see if I still like it!

And lastly, I have some beautiful paintbrushes that are smiling at me from my desk, begging me to finally start using them.

Am I the only one who thinks days are just too short?

How exactly do I communicate with the Spirit World?

I communicate with the Spirit World in a very normal way. I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t chant magical spells.

Here's what I do: I receive images in my head, I get “downloads” of information, I just know things out of the blue, I feel emotions and energies, and most of all, I just talk in an automatic way, without thinking a lot. These are the Spirit Guides putting words into my head. That's what’s called “Channeling.”

Sometimes I use oracle cards, but most of the time, I practice “direct channeling.” I let the Spirit Guides talk through me without using any exterior tools like a Ouija board, cards, pendulum, rune stones or anything else.

My way of talking becomes more passionate than usual. Yes, Spirit Guides are very passionate about their messages! Besides that, my voice and my pronunciation stay the same and I’m always 100% conscious of everything I say. I don’t go into a trance.

In part of the Session, I will close my eyes so I can focus better, and I will sometimes hold my arms up for a few seconds and put my hands in a praying position, touching my forehead (third eye chakra), because this helps me to receive communications from the Spirit World. But besides that, everything seems pretty normal.

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