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Losing a Loved One is hard. This Audio Message can give you clarity on why the person passed away, how they’re doing in the Spirit World, and more. Read full description below.

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Losing someone you love is hard. In this Audio Message, your own Spirit Guides and those of your Deceased Loved One will be present. Additionally, the Higher Self* of your Loved One may also be present.

They will give you information about why the person passed away at this time and why your own Soul has chosen to live this experience. They will also tell you how your Loved One is doing in the Spirit World.

You might also get clarity about unresolved issues you might have with the person, which can help to make peace with the past and to get closure.

This Audio Message will not be able to give you your Loved One back, but getting more clarity and answers to the questions that you might have, can bring you more peace and might help you in your mourning process.

This 10 minute Audio Message will give you the most essential information about (and maybe from) your deceased Loved One. If you like to receive extensive information and messages, be welcome to book an online personal Deceased Loved One Session.

Your Audio Message will be sent to you within three days of your purchase.




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