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Life can make us experience painful situations at times. In times like these, we look for sense. Read full description below.

Life can make us experience painful situations at times. Hardships, separations, the loss of a loved one, losing our job or our home, health problems, family problems, … can make us suffer at certain periods in our lives.

In times like these, we look for sense. If only we could understand why we have to go through all of this? Often times, we understand the sense of it all much later in life and we see that these experiences have led to something good, eventually.

However, while living the experience, we often only have access to the surface of things, and not understanding why these things are happening can make it hard to live the situation in a positive way.

This Audio Message will bring you clarity on the reasons behind the painful experience, and will give you advice to do what you can to accelerate a positive transformation of the situation.

Sometimes, our choices and behavior are (part of) the cause of unnecessary suffering. If this is the case, your Guides will shed light on this mechanism so you can stop reproducing this situation.

This 10 minute Audio Message will give you the most essential things you need to know in order to understand and transform your situation. If you like to receive more extensive guidance, be welcome to book an online personal Light on Sense Session

Spirit Guides do not give predictions about the future*. They offer Life Coaching to help us to act in a way that will give the best possible outcome in our Life.

Your Audio Message will be sent to you within three days of your purchase.

* Why don’t Spirit Guides give us predictions about the future?

Spirit Guides don’t give us predictions about the future since most of the time the future is not set in stone. What has a rather high probability of happening at one moment may completely change the next moment because so many elements are at play, including the free will of many other people that impact the situation – both people we know, but also people we don’t know! The construction of reality is a very complex process.

Also, knowing the future might change our behavior, which might then change events in the future.

And the final and most important reason why our Guides don’t predict the future is because to some extent life wants us to act with a blindfold on. We need to do what we think is best and what feels right, and then surrender to life and see what happens. Knowing what will happen in advance would be bypassing the game of life. We need to really live life.

Our Spirit Guides are here to help us to know what we can do to have the most positive impact on our life, and to play Life’s Game in the best way.




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