Who are your spirit Guides?


Who your Guides are says a lot about who we are and what your Life Purpose is. Would you like to discover who they are? Read full description below.

Did you ever wonder who your Spirit Guides are?

In my experience, Spirit Guides don’t often talk about who they are. That’s because they like us to focus on our life on earth, and not on the Spirit World. That being said, who our Guides are says a lot about who we are and what our Life Purpose is.

In the 10 minute audio, your Spirit Guides will reveal who two of your Guides are – the ones who are the most relevant for you to know about at this time in your life.

Most of the time, Spirit Guides will only want to share information about two Guides maximum at a time, to avoid being overly focused on them. One or several years later, they might reveal information about other Guides.

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